Our Holiday Convertible Dresses to Adore

Our Holiday Convertible Dresses to Adore

You don't need many dresses for every occasion, just one of our convertible dresses to wear on repeat. Read on for some ideas on how to style them during the holidays and wear them throughout the year..


Elevate in Red 

Red is the color of passion, love and confidence. Our Mercy Dress comes with 3 different lengths (full-length, midi or tea-length, and knee-length), and a belt to wear around your waist. Elevate your attitude when you wear this color.


You can also add thermal clothing underneath and wear a winter coat over it. If the 3 layers are too long for your taste, you can just detach them and wear our dress in the length you feel comfortable with.


For spring, a t-shirt and flat boots gives it a casual, European flair.


Shine in Gold

Gold is the color of compassion and courage. Our Mercy Dress shines elegantly in this tone. You can add a clutch and belt in a different color to mix things up a little while you're shining!


Wear it casual detaching layers and add a long sleeve shirt underneath for a cool-girl effect. Pair with boots and you're good-to-go for some holiday mingling.


Bloom in Black

Black is the color of mystery, authority and power. Our Mercy Dress in black invites you to bloom into a stronger version of yourself. Dare to add accessories like a hat and make a statement with your outfit.


Detach the bottom tiers and add one of our Mollie Duster Wraps for a completely different holiday look.


Convertible Clothing is Sustainable

We strongly believe that convertible clothing is sustainable because you ultimately reduce your cost per wear when you can automatically wear a garment in 3 different ways from the beginning. 

At KINDOM we are always looking for ways to reuse which is why our convertible dresses are made from 100% reclaimed polyester. This means that not only will you be able to wear a dress in different ways, but it was also created from the stock remnants of the fast fashion industry. 

Let's change our way of shopping! If you're interested in learning more check out other convertible clothing options here.


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