KINdom only uses eco-friendly materials, in the following categories below.


The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, next to the oil industry. The use of the materials below helps decrease wasted resources and reduce pollution.

Organic Cotton: A natural fiber made of cotton plants, Organic Cotton uses no harmful pesticides.

Bamboo: A cellulose fiber that uses significantly less water and is extracted or fabricated from natural bamboo.

Hemp: Also a cellulose fiber that uses significantly less water and is made from fibers which grow on the outside of the hemp plant’s stalk.

Tencel: Tencel is also a cellulose fiber obtained from wood pulp using recyclable solvents.

rPET or Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate: This is Recycled Polyester. Traditional, virgin polyester is often made from oil obtained through irresponsible processes. The Recycled Polyester we use is often made of plastic bottles, which helps divert plastic from landfills, reduce dependency on petroleum as a raw material, and uses up less resources.


The fashion industry is also a large wasteful machine. Big brands often cancel orders based on super strict or unrealistic standards. Examples of this may be due to materials or goods being (a) late in delivery, (b) a small percentage off in a color, (c) the fit being a minute off beyond accepted industry standards. The result is a significant amount of discarded stock inventory, which can end up in a landfill if not reclaimed or recycled. KINdom reclaims these discarded materials and gives them new life, preventing them from being wasted. Often times these are in very limited quantities.

Rayon or Viscose Rayon: A cellulose fiber.

Linen: A natural fiber made from the flax plant.

Silk: Silk is a protein fiber and animal product made from the silk worm. We DO NOT use virgin silk in our products. If any, we only use reclaimed silk discarded as dead stock from other brands, but very minimal such as binding. 


The group of people left behind in the fashion industry are those who inspire it to begin with. Indigenous communities have rich culture that need to be preserved, and we believe in supporting them by highlighting them in our products. The materials from indigenous communities are always in very limited editions, because they are hand-made and are not mass-produced. Often, they are made of natural raw materials.


Whether it’s a high-end brand or a fast-fashion brand, practically every apparel or accessory or bag is individually packed in its own plastic bag, to reduce damages in shipping and protect the product. Plastic takes between hundreds to thousands of years to biodegrade, depending on the composition. In KINdom, we do not use just any plastic bag. In addition to using sustainable materials to make our garments, we also use compostable plastic bags made to pack each product for shipping. Another plus for the planet!