Colors of the Season

Colors of the Season
Are you looking for inspiration on how to look stylish during the holidays and more? Read this post to check out some sustainable holiday outfits perfect for this season and beyond!
It's that time of year where we start to reflect about our accomplishments from the past year and we begin to set new goals for the upcoming year. Every year has new beginnings and new opportunities to start from scratch, grow and evolve. So, with a beautiful year coming to an end we want to encourage you to re-purpose and re-wear your clothes as much as you can! You don't need to buy many dresses for the upcoming celebrations, we have some pieces that you can don for the holidays and keep using year-round.

Red Hot

The Christine maxi shirt dress is a dramatic piece, made in USA of reclaimed fabric. Wear it belted as a dress or open as a duster overlay, and you definitely won't be a wallflower at the party. A t-shirt & jeans underneath it along with sneakers will pump up the casual effect to a more polished outfit in the spring.


For a more sexy but sophisticated look, the Genny dress (also in the same reclaimed fabric) is a sure-fire way to get attention and be comfortable and confident at the same time. And after the holidays are over, the dress is great with black leggings, simple and easy for running errands and casual coffee shop meet-ups.


The Mercy dress is a very special style - it converts into three (yes, THREE) different lengths, from maxi, to midi, to knee length (also shown below with some sleek silver stilettos). Layer a top underneath for a more casual look or dress it up, it's up to you! This reclaimed satin also comes in three colors.

Black & White Dreams

Great for New Year's, the variegated dot reclaimed crepe fabric is transformed into the Mollie duster to layer and level up your #ootd game. If you're bold spirit, pair it with the matching Blayze wide-leg pants for a full, dramatic effect that's *major*.


 The Candice tunic top is a fun and easy style perfect for holiday-ing! Accented with a handwoven tribal textile from the indigenous Yakan tribe in the Philippines, it takes 4 days to weave one meter on a back-strap loom made of bamboo and wood. Put together with a fun reclaimed floral and dot print, it's a conversation piece for any soiree you will be attending. And in the spring, just pair it with leggings or belt it for a more casual look.


Golden Girl

If the standard holiday red and green colors don't strike you, and you don't want to go neutral with black-and-white, how about gold? Paired with a vibrant stripe, the Evelyn slip dress in gold floral is taken to another level with the unconventional print-mixing (both in reclaimed fabrics) which makes your outfit not common as compared to other slip dresses in the market. Black scrappy heels are all you need.


And if that's not enough for you, how about going for the whole gold shebang? Try our Mollie duster together with our Blayze wide-leg pants for a va-va-voom look that no one will forget!


Gold in satin in a champagne shade is the most sophisticated of all. For a demure vibe, try our Mercy convertible dress (previously in red above) in Champagne Gold satin that has just the right amount of sheen, and can be toned-down as knee-length frock (shown below with layers) or dramatic as a full-length maxi dress.  

Thanks to Natalia from The Mindful Choice for modeling some of the pieces and contributing to this blog!

Enjoy This Time of Year

There is nothing most precious and valuable like closing cycles and embracing the end of year with a positive attitude to a new phase in our lives. Use this time of year to reflect, learn, grow and build a new way of thinking. Remember that where there is growth there is change, where there is change there is action and where there is action there is transcendence. Let's make a difference, let's walk together into a new year and help make this world a better place by shopping more consciously and supporting sustainable fashion. 


Shop Consciously

Challenge the brands you like to buy from, ask questions about their commitment to sustainability, but most importantly challenge yourself to make more thoughtful decisions. Challenge yourself to live with less and choose wisely the label you decide to wear everyday that shares your same values.



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