5 Sustainable Winter and Holiday Outfits

Are you looking for inspiration on how to look stylish during winter? Read this post to check out how we created 5 sustainable winter and holiday outfits perfect for this season!
It's that time of year where we start to reflect about our accomplishments from the past year and we begin to set new goals for the upcoming year. Every year has new beginnings and new opportunities to start from scratch, grow and evolve. 
So, with a beautiful year coming to an end we want to encourage you to re-purpose and re-wear your clothes as much as you can! You don't need to buy many dresses for the upcoming celebrations, we have convertible dresses that you can style in different lengths and make them part of your winter wardrobe.

Outfit 1: Indigenous and Casual

Our Lulu Maxi Dress comes with an indigenous textile in a tribal stripe at the front yoke, handwoven by indigenous Gaddang (or G’dang) artisans from the Cordillera highlands, in the northern part of the Philippines, using ancient handwoven techniques passed down from previous generations. Supporting and preserving indigenous handwoven techniques is in the heart of our values. We love to take the best of ancient cultures and combine their culture with modern fashion. This rest of this dress is made from bamboo, which uses significantly less water resources than cotton to grow.

Outfit 2: Cocktail Look

Our Merci Dress is a convertible dress that can be worn in 3 different lengths: Full-length, midi or tea-length, and knee-length. Detach all the layers and wear it as a cocktail dress, adding a blazer and heels to complete the look.


Outfit 3: Winter Street Style

Our Merci Dress in black worn by detaching only one of its layers is shown below. Add a pair of winter boots and an oversized coat. You can wear something like this for a casual get together during cold weather without compromising style.


Outfit 4: Gold and Gorgeous

Our Merci Dress, shown below in gold, is worn by detaching the bottom ruffle in order to make it midi or tea-length. Don't be afraid to layer thermal clothing underneath. Gold is also considered a neutral color that can go with anything. You can play around with accessories and add a belt and scarf too!


Outfit 5: Black and White Combination

Our Merci Dress in black worn with our Mollie Duster Wrap. This look is perfect for a holiday party to look elegant and fashionable. 

Thanks to our model Natalia from Marmag Creation.

Enjoy This Time of Year

There is nothing most precious and valuable like closing cycles and embracing the end of year with a positive attitude to a new phase in our lives. Use this time of year to reflect, learn, grow and build a new way of thinking. Remember that where there is growth there is change, where there is change there is action and where there is action there is transcendence. Let's make a difference, let's walk together into a new year and help make this world a better place by shopping more consciously and supporting sustainable fashion. 


Shop Consciously

Challenge the brands you like to buy from, ask questions about their commitment to sustainability, but most importantly challenge yourself to make more thoughtful decisions. Challenge yourself to live with less and choose wisely the label you decide to wear everyday that shares your same values.


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