2020 Intentions

Dear Friends of KINdom,

As the sun sets on the first day of the new year, I reflect back on how this sustainable journey started. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since I held my sister’s firstborn and was inspired quit my fast fashion job to go green, then again after the birth of my own firstborn, which gave rise to KINDOM.

This last year was an awakening of the masses to the the crisis currently plaguing the planet that is climate change. Intentions for 2020 are more clear with the activities and accomplishments of 2019. Some highlights of last year, found below, will be KINDOM’s jumping-off point for this year, with exciting plans already under way (read on!).


2019 had a significant momentum of change in the climate crisis movement. The awareness on the mass level shifted global mindset, exploded exponentially and caused some eco-anxiety; but with the introduction of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the youth movement created by Greta Thunberg that gave rise to Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion, to name a few, we are all reassured that we are not alone in this journey and have some light to guide us to the direction where we need to go.



Last year, participation in panel discussions and presentations to industry and consumers on the negative effects of fast fashion, overproduction, and overconsumption forged new relationships and conscious camaraderie with the movers and shakers in the world of eco fashion.

With the Pause Fashion Hub at Paris in April, and London in September, we focused on the UN SustainableDevelopment Goals and the important role of indigenous peoples in the realm of sustainability, as they are the best stewards of the environment that we need to support - a realization for the world in light of the devastating Amazon Rainforest fires during the latter quarter of the year. 

Company in Paris was with Hannah Lane from Redress, Ramata Diallo of Fashion Consulting Paris, Romina Pirani and Leticia Bordoni of Pause Fashion Hub, and Carina Hopper, educator and sustainability lecturer.

Patrick Duffy, founder of Global Fashion Exchange and bespoke sustainable men’s fashion brand Mr. Duffy, and Andreea Tanasescu, founder of Give Credit (the Diet Prada of fashion cultural appropriation) and La Blouse Roumaine, joined us in London at Freemason’s Hall along with one of our superstar dreamweavers Evelinda Otong.



During October at Canvas in Williamsburg, New York, we participated at a panel discussion on inclusivity and another on upcycling & clothing repair, collaborating with MI Leggett of Official Rebrand, Natalia Sagan, Deborah Rappaport, Kate Walsh of Canvas, Gwen Williams Calderon, Elizabeth WIlliams Herz, and Annie Yang. Also in New York in November, we discussed fair labor practices with Workplace Health Without Borders at the Adalinda sustainability panel, exploring the challenges of fast fashion brands when it comes to unethical labor practices and lack of sustainable strategies. It all boils down to not only for corporations and governments to be responsible for the plight of the planet, but also consumers to be conscious of what you buy.



In July, I spent time with indigenous tribes, which I try to do at least once a year, to see the improvements and difference we are making in their communities, both socially and environmentally. One of the stories that struck me the most is of one weaver who was a widow with seven children, who was able to purchase a small home and start putting her older kids to school. The direct impact of consistent support to indigenous communities validates what we do at KINDOM, and will be continuing to do so!

 Throughout the year, with your purchases, we have donated to organizations like Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and Rainforest Alliance, and supported others like Relay for Life and The Kindness Wardrobe, in order to extend our sustainable reach and continue the positive impacts for a better planet and its people. 



Our intentions for 2020 are to continue our eco efforts for both the planet and the people, at upcoming events including New York Fashion Week for a sustainable fashion show in February, and in March at a sustainability panel.

Also planned for 2020 is to have an even less carbon footprint with plans such as investing in recycled mailers to complement our compostable packaging, and launching KINdom Circle, a capsule collection of upcycled apparel first conceptualized in 2007 but finally started developing at the end of this past year.

Instead of scaling up, we are scaling down! It will be an exciting year, and we look forward to our journey to sustainability together. To thank you for your continued support, here’s a private VIP code for 40% discount for you to start the New Year right: NWYR40. Promo ends Jan 15, 2020.

Have a great (and sustainable) 2020!



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