The Jasmine Convertible Shirt Dress

The Jasmine Convertible Shirt Dress

Read this post to discover our unique Jasmine convertible shirt dress that can be worn in many ways! Convertible clothing is a must in any wardrobe, because it is a one time purchase that will be versatile for many looks

If you are tired of over-thinking your outfits and are looking for an effortless way to wear the same clothes, you came to the right place! At KINDOM we are not only passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion, but we love to design one-of-a-kind garments that are classic and stylish at the same time.

We have different prints in our convertible shirt dress design that can adapt to your signature style.

Here are ways you can wear our convertible shirt dress:

Look 1: Wear it as a short sleeve dress

This look is perfect for summer or spring, casual with sneakers, or elevate it with heels. The neutral colors of the print will be easy to pair with most shoes! Experiment on your own!



Look 2: Wear it as a long sleeve top, detach the bottom part and tie a knot.

The cotton fabric is soft and breathable so even if it's hot outside, you can use it as a long sleeve crop top to create a summer look over any high waisted bottom.


Look 3: Wear it as a long sleeve dress

This outfit is a great idea for fall, the length of the shirt dress is perfect for wearing with or without leggings, however you feel more comfortable!



Look 4: Wear it as a short sleeve top

Play around with the sleeves and just detach them! This look is perfect for a casual day and you can also elevate it pairing it with formal pants.



 (Thanks to our model Natalia fromThe Mindful Choice for the styling ideas.)


 Bonus look: @alisonsadventures's  mom spotted wearing our Jasmine dress

Alison from the Instagram account @alisonsadventures took a trip to Ladakh and was traveling through the Himalayas with her mom who unfortunately fell off from her bike and broke her arm. They managed to get her to a hospital where she was taken care of and fortunately had her bone popped back in place by the doctor.

After that her mom used our Jasmine dress with detachable sleeves to be able to continue their trip in the Himalayas. What an honor to have this brave woman use our clothing on such a meaningful travel through a beautiful country filled with people who helped her out in this unfortunate situation, but both mom and daughter smiled through it and continued to have a great time!


You'll be surprised how many outfits you can create with just one garment, because convertible clothing is timeless and can be worn in every season, as well as unpredictable situations! Very soon we'll be sharing more outfit ideas on how to style these convertible shirt dresses during every season!

Invest in sustainable & ethical fashion

At KINDOM we commit to fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals as much as we can by using sustainable, natural, recycled, reclaimed and indigenous materials in our clothing (you can read about it here). When you decide to support a brand, you should share their values and be aware of everything that is being done in order to offer you a product that not only resolves a basic need, respects the environment, but also provides fair wages and ethical working conditions to their workers.

Our convertible shirt dress design is made from 100% reclaimed cotton and is made ethically in India. Get yours here! Reclaimed means that we are creating fashion from remnants from the fast fashion industry. Circular fashion is the new way of consuming today! Become part of the fashion revolution with us!


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