Kira-Bead Upcycled Top w/ Indigenous Beads, Magenta

Kira-Bead Upcycled Top w/ Indigenous Beads, Magenta

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A long time ago, before plastic or glass was invented, adornment & embellishment were made of natural materials. From the feather work of Native Americans, shell creations of the Native Polynesians, to the intricate details of African or South American metals, the materials from Mother Earth were a-plenty.

In the Southern Philippines, the “bosok” plant - or “kabigti” or “panyas” as known in other areas of the more-than-7,000-island archipelago - is a tropical grass plant with sword-shaped leaves. It also has hard, white spherical seeds that are used as natural beads. Native to list tropical regions, these seeds are known to the modern world as “Job’s tears” or “Mary’s tears” (biblical references), “tear drops”, “tear grass”, or “bead plant”, with the scientific Latin name of “coix lacryma-jobi”. They take-on the shape of tear droplets and are generally pearly white to grayish in color, are sun-dried, polished, and easily-pierced with center holes for stringing, since the inside of the seed is generally soft.

For a more circular life-cycle & circular economy while supporting indigenous communities, artisans of the T’Boli indigenous group upcycled our Kira bamboo v-neck top with these bosok beads, so we can keep this ancient practice alive as the tribes generally make trinkets out of plastic beads these days to sell to tourists. 

Versatile from pairing it with denim jeans & sneakers for a casual look, to wearing it with a pencil skirt or wide-leg pants & heels for a more dramatic effect, this style is sure to be a conversation-starter. Wear it proudly knowing that you helped an indigenous community preserve their heritage.

• V-neck, boxy slouchy drape top with open shoulder and dolman ruffle sleeves

• 95% bamboo, 5% spandex

• Reclaimed fabric from dead stock, so no additional resources or chemicals used

• Made in China, upcycled in the Philippines by indigenous artisans

• Gentle hand wash cold, or professional wet clean (more eco-friendly), or dry-clean