6 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

6 Meaningful Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

With this special day just around the corner, we want to share with you some meaningful gift ideas for Mother's Day.

At KINdom we are KIN of one another, we are all connected, we are all related. We have connections all around us either with our Mothers by blood or with our emotional Mothers that have been there throughout our life. We are also connected to our mother Earth. 

So with that said, let's think of meaningful ways to appreciate our Mothers on this special day.


Gift idea #1: Don't be shy to gift secondhand

Our Mothers will always love us unconditionally, and especially in times where money might be tight, there's nothing wrong with giving a nice gesture to the people we love by looking for secondhand gifts. You can find really great things on secondhand marketplaces online or look for vintage decorative items that will bring joy to your Mother's home.


Gift idea #2: Look for timeless wardrobe staples

If you want to be mindful of the planet and give a present that makes every dollar count, you can check out our KINdom Cores Collection which is a selection of items designed to become basics in your wardrobe to last you wear after wear. Our collection is made from sustainable and reclaimed fabrics.


Gift idea #3: Look for original experiences to share with your mother

You don't need to give a material item as a present. You can look for unique experiences like booking a weekend trip, a nice restaurant, or an outdoor adventure with your mother. Spa day, makeover day, you name it. The important thing is to make her feel special and appreciated and you don't need a material object to express that to her.


Gift idea #4: Surprise her with flowers

There's nothing more magical than receiving an unexpected surprise at your front door. If you live far away from your mother and are not able to see her on her special day face to face, this idea is great to make her feel special and loved no matter the distance.


Gift idea #5: Give her your favorite book

This is an interesting way to create a different connection with your mother. You have a wide age difference, and it'll be fun to share your unique perspective about an interesting topic that you already read about. You can give her the book and plan to discuss your thoughts over a girl's day in the future.


Gift idea #6: Give her your unconditional love always

This is one of our favorite tips because it's the most important one. A mother will always give you her unconditional love so it's fair to give them that in return. Be kind to your mother, be patient and learn to love her in your own unique way but make sure she knows that because we only get one lifetime to spend valuable time with our mothers!

We hope this post has inspired you to create a meaningful connection on Mother's Day and that not everything is about materialism.

Let's enjoy the people that we have in our lives and show them our love in our own ways because we are all connected in some way! Happy Mother's Day!

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Thanks to The Mindful Choice the author of this post.



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