5 Mindful Things to do at Home Right Now

5 Mindful Things to do at Home Right Now

With the rise of the COVID-19 lately around the world, we want to share with you some mindful things to do while you stay at home right now. 

Despite all the chaos and fear that has been spreading all over the world, we want to acknowledge that everything is connected. We are KIN, which is what our name KINDOM stands for, and we want to let you know that you are not alone in this.

Everything that is happening right now is connected to our actions. The health of the environment is connected to animals, and consequently, to humans. All living things have some type of connection, and unfortunately perhaps what is happening now may be a result of the combination of everyone's actions.

We must not disrupt the balance of the ecosystem - it is crucial to live sustainably and restore the balance of Earth. If we are mindful of our actions and pursue a healthy planet, then we as humanity will also be healthy and create harmony with everything.

This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness is being in balance with your mind, body, society, and the environment around you.

Tip #1: Relax & meditate daily.

During troubling times the best medicine we can have is our own positive thoughts. Take 5 minutes every day to relax, inhale and exhale, to close your eyes and reflect on the things you're grateful for right now. 

There are many things you might ache about, but you have to focus on the good. Focus on being grateful that you have an intelligent mind, and that you can get through any challenge that life brings your way. These 5 minutes of being grateful can really help you start a positive day.

Tip #2: Start a work-out routine.

Your body is your temple. Having a healthy mind also comes with taking care of our bodies. Creating a work-out routine will help take your mind off of things for 30 or 60 minutes and you can use that time for you. You can even incorporate your meditation time with your work-out if you practice yoga. Exercising will make your body's blood flow, improve your digestive system and make your immune system stronger.

Tip #3: Create a balance between work and home.

You are probably tied to work from home right now and if you're struggling on how to create a balance with your personal life and your work atmosphere, try to create boundaries within the rooms in your home.

For example, assign a specific space for every activity even if you don't have many rooms. Use a desk for working, and avoid working on your bed or couch. When you work from home it is crucial to create these boundaries so that your energy and mind can have a place to relax after you are done with your productive time. 

Tip #4: Help others.

If you are not in the unfortunate situation were you got laid off like many people are right now, you can use your time at home to support those in need. A simple share of your friend's posts, or donating to local food charities can really make a difference in these difficult times. Pay it forward.

Tip #5: Cleanse your home.

The last tip that you can do right now is to cleanse your home. Now is also the perfect timing to organize all your areas, move around old furniture and items. But by cleansing we mean, shifting the energy in your home into welcoming positive energy. Organize decorations, plants, and clothes that make you feel positive. Make a box of items that bring you negative sensations. Thoroughly go through every room in your home and give it a refreshing makeover to welcome what's left of the year with a positive attitude.

At KINDOM, we want to remind you again that everything is connected. As much as we feel exactly what you may be feeling right now like anxiety, stress, and fear, we want to welcome you to shift your mindset. Let's walk this path together and remember most importantly that all of our actions are intertwined.  

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