12 Tips to Look Stylish this Valentine's Day

12 Tips to Look Stylish this Valentine's Day
Do you want to look your best on Valentine's Day? Read this post for 11 tips on how to look stylish on this special day.

Tip #1: Love your clothes 

Loving your clothes is a great start to get to know your style, learn what you love to wear, get to know yourself and little by little you'll start creating your own signature style. 

We express so much in what we decide to wear every day, every color has a meaning and you should feel a sense of joy whenever you put something on. Our clothes can make us feel confident, brave and beautiful. If you love your clothes, you'll learn to make the most out of your wardrobe. All you need is love!

Tip #2: Get creative with your clothes

For example, you can style our Duster Wrap with a belt and create a dress with it. Wear it with leggings and high knee boots for a cute outfit for walking around the city all day.

Tip #3: Add ankle boots to any outfit

You'll never know how much a pair of shoes can change your day. Ankle boots are a great way to elevate any outfit, they are comfortable, stylish and can be worn in every season! (Check out our dresses that go perfectly with ankle boots.)

Tip #4: Wear a classic top with an edgy bottom

It can be difficult sometimes to maintain a balance between patterns and textures, that's why our best recommendation is to use this rule when you want to mix things up: wear a plain colored top with an edgy bottom or vice versa. 

Tip #5: Convert a formal dress into a casual look

Our Christine Maxi Shirt Dress can be worn open. A quick an easy way to just throw it on over what you're wearing and create a unique outfit for a special day.

Tip #6: Try layer over layer

Another idea to get creative with your outfits is to try layering. As a rule of style we like to suggest that if your outfit has no more than 3 colors, you can add on layers. This is another way of maintaining a balance between an edgy top and neutral colored clothes underneath.

Tip #7: Add a hat to your outfit

Hats make an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary! They're a great way to add some fun to any outfit. Check out our Lulu Maxi Dress here.

Tip #8: Wear a dress backwards

Want to wear the same dress in a different way? Just wear it backwards, simple as that. Don't be afraid to try new things. 

Tip #9: Tuck your shirt in with a high waisted bottom

Add formality to your look. Try tucking your shirt in with your outfits to make them look different on a special occasion. 

Tip #10: Don't be afraid to mix colors with prints

Once again the rule of 3 colors per outfit will make creating outfits a breeze. If your pants have a mix of colors, like our Grady Convertible Pants, you can try mixing them with a top that has a similar color of the print and don't be afraid to pop color with your shoes.

Tip #11: Elevate a basic outfit combo

So, if you are getting ready and don't have a lot of time to think about what you'll wear, elevate a basic outfit wearing jeans and a cute shirt with high knee boots and a stylish belt. 

Thanks to Natalia from The Mindful Choice  for styling these outfits.

Tip #12 Be grateful for love

We hope this Valentine's Day you find a time to be grateful for love. Love is something so powerful that you can find it everywhere. In moments, people, animals and living beings. Love is a feeling that gives us strength, that feeds our hearts and makes us do powerful things. Be grateful, be kind and don't be afraid to love. Happy Valentine's Day!


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