Magani Lilac/Red Tangkulo Scarf (indigenous)

Magani Lilac/Red Tangkulo Scarf (indigenous)

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In the Philippines, the "tangkulo" is traditionally worn as a head piece by male leaders such as chieftains and warriors in tribal communities. The pieces start out as off-white fabric, then tied and hand-dyed, then beaded and adorned with hand-made pom-poms. Due to the precious artisan nature of the tangkulo, each one is unique and one-of-a-kind, and are limited in supply.

Supporting and celebrating indigenous tribes and their cultures is at the heart of KINdom; we are all KIN. The tangkulo is worn here as a scarf and creates awareness of these rich cultures that we must preserve.

- One size only; size varies slightly

- 100% cotton vintage flannel feel, due to hand tying and dyeing process

- Made in the Philippines by indigenous tribal artisans

- Professional wet clean (more eco-friendly), or dry-clean.