Leus Eco Wash Bags
Leus Eco Wash Bags
Leus Eco Wash Bags
Leus Eco Wash Bags

Leus Eco Wash Bags

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Let's stop microplastic pollution together! Did you know that synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, and acrylic shed microfibers while being laundered? Washing machines don't catch the microfibers that break off your synthetic clothing during each cycle, and unfortunately, they end up in our water systems, affecting marine life.

We have found the solution – place your synthetic clothing in Leus Eco Wash Bags during each wash cycle to catch the microfibers that break off before they enter our water streams.

The Eco Wash Bags also protect wear-and-tear from your clothes during washing to help extend their lifespans. Loved clothes last!

Together, we can take the first step and start making a difference. Let’s make things better and take care of our planet!

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 19.5 inches (75cm x 49cm)
  • Large enough to wash multiple items at once.
  • Made from Polyamide mesh.
  • Perfect for washing microfiber towels, board shorts, athletic gear & other synthetic textiles.
  • Can also be used to wash natural fiber clothing to protect during wash cycle.

How to Use

  • Fill half-full with synthetic clothing, zip closed & wash. Remove clothing from bag to dry.
  • Any microfiber lint caught in bag, dispose in the trash.
  • Do not rinse the bag under water. Do not use bag in the dryer.

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