Biag Double Eagle Tote (indigenous)

Biag Double Eagle Tote (indigenous)

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A little bit of history to carry: The woven double-headed eagle symbol on this cotton tote bag has been traced to have been around for about 500 years in the Philippines. According to indigenous artisans who created this bag, these designs have been passed down for generations, either originating from a local folk tale about a double-headed bird, or the double-headed eagle brought to the Philippines by Spanish Augustinian missionaries, or a combination of both.

Meantime, the double-headed eagle was a symbol of the Spanish Habsburg dynasty who ruled Spain in its apex of power. It was this time that Spain colonized the Philippines, and the missionaries brought the symbol with them. The double heads are depicted looking East and West, representing dominion over both areas. Since the Spanish colonization, the symbol literally had woven itself into traditional Philippine indigenous designs, here created into tote bags.

Supporting, preserving, and celebrating indigenous tribes and their rich cultures is at the heart of KINdom. We are all KIN.

100% cotton. Made in the Philippines.


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